Trends In T.E.N.S: Read More, Pain Less

Trends In T.E.N.S: Read More, Pain Less


If daily pain is your problem, picking up a book could be the cure...

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One of the forgotten steps to feeling better is to become educated on your condition. Whether it be a minor joint discomfort or chronic back pain, it’s always good to have an understanding of what type of pain your body is experiencing to comprehend how to better treat yourself. So, read up! Here are a few suggestions for where get started.

Pick Up a Book

It might sound a little old fashioned, but books and medical journals are an excellent place to begin your quest for knowledge! Here are a couple of our favorites, we recommend you read:
Manual of Pain Management by Warfield and Fausett ( 2002).
Pain Medicine and Management: Just the Facts by Wallace, Staats, and Wallace (2004).
If money is tight, plan a trip to a local or online library to check out their free resources. Ask a librarian to direct you to the pain management section. You’ll be surprised how much they offer!


Combing through hundreds of pages in dozens of books is quite cumbersome. Lucky for you, we live in a fast paced digital era where information lies in the palm of our hands. Simply search your condition on your favorite search engine, and voilà, thousands of articles will populate your browser. With this method we recommend brushing up on a few websites' opinions to be sure to get the most accurate information. Here are some links we at MSP find useful:


American Pain Society:         

American pain Association:


Communication is Key

When it comes dow to it, the more well versed you are on your condition, the better you will be able to communicate your symptoms to others. Communication is vital to allowing your doctor to determine the best treatment for you. The more accurate a doctor can prescribe treatments, the faster you can heal! So say goodbye to misdiagnosis and hello to a pain-free life, all thanks to reading!

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