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MSPexpress has been a leader in TENS systems, pain control and physical rehabilitation products since 1985. For over 30 years we have strived to bring you nothing but the highest quality at the best price. Many people own TENS Units but are unable to use them because the correct accessories are not readily available in drug stores, retail outlets, or even medical equipment companies. On our website you will find TENS Accessories including Electrode Pads, batteries and leadwires. We also offer Skin Care Products such as "SOFT SKIN" Aloe Vera lotion with Vitamin E to keep skin healthy for treatments.

You will also find orthopedic braces as well as our unique lumbar support with TENS stimulation electrodes. If you have issues with electrode adhesive or getting electrodes to cover a large area, you will be interested in checking out our large selection of Stim Garments; Full back vest, Low back Electrodes, Stim Socks, Stim Gloves, and Electrode Stim Sleeves designed specifically for knees and elbows.

Pain is not fully understood and research is still under way. Pain is a feeling of hurt or strong discomfort. We do know that an injury will trigger the release of certain pain chemicals and cause other physical responses. We hope to offer helpful information, products and services for people with chronic pain.

MSPexpress has a mission to offer home health products so people can feel better and live more comfortably while fully enjoying life. We offer home health products for pain relief because so many people want to stay at home and get benefits from the wide variety of products in the market place. But it is difficult to judge the quality of a product, or what product will work. We have reviewed and tested every item in our line to ensure that you receive the most benefit. With years of experience in products for pain control management we strive to deliver the best to you.

MSPexpress has developed these products for pain control management to enhance the TENS stimulation treatments that are prescribed. TENS home treatments are often prescribed to manage chronic and acute pain. Our product line offers all types of support equipment and supplies for the portable home TENS therapy. To support pain management, we have developed home products that are designed to soothe the body, mind, and spirit through alternative venues such as aromatherapy and massage. We offer competitive pricing for high quality products with great customer service.

MSPexpress has pride in knowing that the products we deliver to your door can make a difference in your quality of life. Persons living with pain may lose much of their independence. They find it difficult to enjoy social and recreational activities, chores at home, or to parent the way they did before. Our product line can help a pain sufferer get off the emotional roller coaster cycle of pain and get back into living well.

Thank you for shopping with MSPexpress.

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