Why MSP?

Why MSP?


Of all the choices in the healthcare industry surrounding to chronic pain, what makes MSP's TENS treatments stand out?

Why MSP-TENS is prescribed to patients?
MSP-TENS is Non-Addictive. In the midst of a national opioid crisis, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a treatment option for patients that does not have the risk of addiction.
MSP-TENS is Drug Free. You can offer a complimentary medicine approach to managing peripheral nerve pain or use TENS as an adjunct therapy to help reduce medication needs or dependence.
MSP-TENS has No Side Effects. When considering patient’s care, TENS does not interact with medication. TENS is contraindicated for indwelling cardiac demand-style pacemakers.
MSP-TENS Relieves Pain. TENS provides gentle stimulation to the peripheral nerves. The MSP-TENS is a dual channel, 4-lead device that optimizes Gate Control Theory by providing comfortable stimulation to the pain site in timed treatments. Most patients receive pain relief during treatment, some patients experience even longer lasting relief.
MSP-TENS is a Portable, Battery Operated Device. This allows patients to manage their pain almost anywhere, anytime. This ease of use helps TENS improve a patient’s quality of life.
MSP-TENS can be Used Randomly for Pain Flare-ups. When patients have their pain managed well but occasionally symptoms increase, TENS can provide an additional treatment option for patients to have on hand for immediate relief.
Why patients are referred to Medical Science Products?
We have an MSP-TENS Advocate on staff for patient education. Patients will have access to support education for improved treatment results.
You have a source to call/order for compatible TENS supplies. Fresh supplies are important to maintain and improve treatment results.
Your physician will receive outcome results per patient serviced. This will help them measure and document patient progress outcomes with MSP-TENS treatments.
We are celebrating our anniversary of 33 years helping alleviate chronic pain with TENS, let our specialized expertise benefit your practice and patient care.

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