Kneed-It Magnetic Theraputic Knee Guard

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Kneed it XM Knee Guard is an innovative magnetic device scientifically designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pains commonly associated with Tendonitis and Chrondronmalacia by placing slight pressure across the the medial and lateral soft tissues of the Knee. It provides its relief through gently absorbing forces at the knee and exerting concentrated compression.

This product introduces the use of magnetic therapy. "Magna-Therapy", as it often is called, utilizes magnetic pads attached to appendage to enhance natural healing in the patellar tendon and/or ligament areas of the knee. Although not yet approved by the U.S. FDA, magnetic therapy is being investigated as a new remedy for many Repetitive Stress Injuries by the National Institute of Health Office of Alternative Medicine.

This product is perfect for anyone who experiences some sort of knee pain. From Athletes to people in post surgery rehab, the Kneed-It brace provides an excellent source of support and structure.

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